Beautiful new convenience service station opens in Cerritos

[image source=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/bipv-chevron-rapid-84.jpg” align=”top”]

A new Rapid 84 Chevron convenience service station recently opened at the northwest corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Artesia Boulevard.

The convenience store is triangular in shape and features imported Italian tiles, stainless steel accents and backlit snack displays topped with rocks and plants. The pump island canopy features a see-through solar panel roof. The custom steel frames supporting the panels are intended to represent trees, and the solar panels filter light in a way similar to the way trees filter light through leaves, creating a dappled pattern. The solar panels are expected to provide enough energy to power the convenience store. The front elevation of the convenience store building is made of translucent glass strips set at various angles to mimic cascading water. A shallow bubbling reflecting pool at the base of the glass wall reinforces the waterfall concept.

The architecture of the service station is considered public art in accordance with the City’s Art in Public Places program.

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