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Different Solar System Options



Rooftop Systems

Solar systems are most often installed on a roof. Sun Smart takes pride in neat and clean installations. The natural slope of the most rooves can provide maximum solar panel efficiency and is ideal for solar systems. We have solar solutions for all roof types whether flat, standing seam or sloped. All our roof mounting system can be customized.



Ground Mount Solar System

If you don’t have enough roof space, a ground mount may be the solution you need to maximize open square footage and generate power for nearby buildings and equipment. Our Ground product system provides the flexibility to accommodate any ground mount solution.  



Carport Systems

Sun Smart carport systems provide shade for vehicles while generating clean solar energy. The solar carports are sturdy, waterproof and can withstand the beatings of outdoor weather conditions. Ideal for mass parking projects, villas and homes with limited roof space. A solar carport is a perfect solution to protect your vehicle from the sun and produce clean energy.



Reverse Pitch

Sun Smart can build a tilt-up rack so that the solar panels are better oriented to the sun. Reverse-pitch or side-pitch panels can also be installed to reach optimal efficiency.